Training and technology to support our research teams

Weekly seminars cover our latest research advances.

Weekly seminars cover our latest research advances.

Research Administration & Mentoring Core (RAMC)

The Research Administration and Mentoring Core provides the leadership which ensures that scientific exchange, mentoring, and education thrive within BioMT. In addition to supporting and advising BioMT investigators, providing administrative and fiscal support, identifying strategic research opportunities, and fostering a strong scientific community, the RAMC will oversee a structured mentoring program, facilitate robust scientific exchange, and leverage institutional resources, which will enable BioMT to thrive as a nationally recognized COBRE.

Director:  Dean Madden, Ph.D.

Contact:  Cindy Stewart

Molecular Tools Core (MTC)

The Molecular Tools Core is a BioMT and Dartmouth community resource that enables research projects via acquisition or production of high quality recombinant proteins. We are developing optimization strategies spanning the molecular, cellular, and process levels in order to build an integrated pipeline capable of producing a wide spectrum of proteins and protein domain fragments. 

Co-Directors:  Karl Griswold, Ph.D., Dale Mierke, Ph.D.

Contact:  Angela Kull, M.S.

Dartmouth Chemical Inventory

Database of chemicals at Dartmouth. See “Search Chemical Inventory” under “Quick Links” or under “Chemical Inventory.” Requires Dartmouth NetID and password.


Molecular Interactions and Imaging Core (MIIC)


To quantitatively characterize the molecular interaction of biomolecular systems, the MIIC will provide expertise in the sample preparation (working with the PP Core), data collection, and analysis for a range of instrumentation including isothermal calorimetry, surface plasmon resonance, fluorescence-based measurements (fluorescence polarization, alpha-screen), and nuclear magnetic resonance.


We provide imaging support to the BioMT community.  With a broad range of microscopes available at Dartmouth (spinning disc confocal, laser scanning confocal, TIRF and Airyscan), we can cover many applications.  The imaging core uses microscopy for both biochemical and cellular studies, and will help individuals design and implement methodologies to answer specific research problems. 

Available imaging equipment includes:

  • Nikon A1RSi laser scanning confocal microscope

  • Quorum Technologies Wave FX spinning disk confocal microscope

  • Two total internal reflection microscopes (Nikon, Olympus)

  • Zeiss LSM880 with Airyscan

  • Andor Dragonfly 302 spinning disk confocal microscope

  • Nikon Ti-E epifluorescence microscope

  • Imaris workstation with Measurement Pro, ImarisTrack, ImarisColoc, ImarisXT, ImarisCell, ImarisVantage and Filament Tracker

Co-Directors:  F. Jon Kull, Ph.D., Henry Higgs, Ph.D.

Contact: Zdenek Svindrych, Ph.D.