What we do

Biology: We explore the operation and control phosphorylation and protein-protein interaction networks, conformational switches, microRNA regulatory pathways, and intracellular trafficking and degradation machineries.

Mentoring: We accelerate the research and career trajectories of students, post-docs, and junior faculty members. 

Targets: We seek new therapeutic targets for brain cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, airway infection, and inflammation.

Tools: We integrate insights from protein biochemistry and engineering, biophysics, high-resolution microscopy, and chemical, structural and computational biology.


Who we are

60 scientists

15 labs

10 departments

3 schools

We are looking to grow! Our labs welcome students through the MCB, PEMM, QBS, Chemistry, and Computer Science graduate programs. We welcome applications from outstanding post-doctoral fellows on an on-going basis. We are also partnering across campus to launch a series of faculty searches over the next five years.


Applications are now being accepted for the following positions:

Research Scientist in Protein Biochemistry

Research Scientist in Cellular and Molecular Imaging